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[e183] [21 Apr 2010|09:16am]
I might be getting my very first job as a freelance artist soon. Someone is looking for an artist to do a comic book for them. The way it sounds is that he's just your average Joe that has always wanted his work made into a comic, but who has no means of getting it produced or published by a large name. He's not even sure he will try to publish it after it is completed, which is okay. I admire him for chasing his dream. He's offering $100 per page and wants 40 pages in total.

I feel even worse for this guy because several artists already have taken severe advantage of him, seeing as he's new to this and has no idea how to approach the situation. He paid one $200 to do character profiles for him and the guy never finished the job, and the artist that was supposed to do the comic waited six months to start and backed down within three hours of working on it. This makes me cringe, that there are people out there that would treat a client like so, inexperienced or not. He's finally sent me what character sketches were completed, mock-ups of the first 12-ish pages of the book, and the full script.

Why haven't I fully accepted this opportunity yet? It's a style that I'm not used to, and before I make a commitment I want to be sure I can see it through to the finish. I told him that I'm going to do some character sketches and scan/send them his way by Saturday evening. By then I'll know if I can do this and if I'll be gradually getting $4 grand in my pocket or not.

Here's hoping for it all to work out! I would love some genuine experience in doing a comic while getting paid.
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